Stephanie Volftsun, CEO & Cofounder at Bubby


"I want to help people find love in a way that would make my Bubby proud."

When my Bubby (a yiddish term for a Jewish grandma) was 22, she met my grandfather, Aleksey.  Her uncle was his neighbor in Kiev. They were fixed up at a wedding and corresponded by hand-written love letters until she finally decided to move to Kiev to marry him.

After a year of being single-sh and wrestling with the words to explain to my grandma the casual type of dating I was doing, I felt a yearning for those simpler times. Where you didn't shop around for people as if browsing for shoes on Amazon. When you really took the time to court each other, focus on one another, and ultimately chose your partnership because of more than good looks, height, or job. I ached for the chivalry and courtship of an older era.

So I decided to start Bubby to bring a dose of those old-world values - chivalry, romance, respect - back into modern dating. I want to help people find love in a way that would make my Bubby proud.

My first step was simple--I created a google doc with Jordy, my cofounder, where we wrote everything wrong with dating apps today and what we wanted to see in the world. Then we simplified that document into a good, simple, starting point.

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