Chinyere Williams, Health & Nutrition Coach


"I knew that I was meant to have a positive impact on the world."

As young adult, I watched my family struggle with chronic health problems. All the while, I too was chronically tired, ill, and unable to feel truly alive. One day, I set out to change things. I healed myself through a combination of mindfulness and meditation, integrative nutrition, and laser-focused fitness. It was through that healing process that I realized my calling — to help others on the health journey that I had just completed.

The moment I decided to hang out my shingle and become a Health Coach was in December 2014.  I was working full-time at Citibank doing work that wasn't fulfilling, and I was becoming more resentful by the day.  I knew I was meant to have a positive impact on the world, and peddling checking accounts wasn’t it!

My first step was to hire a business coach because I had no idea how to start a successful Health Coaching business. Best. Decision. Ever.  She helped me figure out who I wanted to serve, and more importantly, why!  She offered great guidance in putting the right systems in place to manage my workflow, and forced me out of my comfort zone.

Starting my Health Coaching business has given me the opportunity to connect with people all over the world, and play some role in helping them along their own journey to better health.  It is the most fulfilling work I ever could imagine doing!  I love being an educator, motivator, and occasional kicker-in-the-ass.

Helping Bodies Heal  |  @helpingbodiesheal

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