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 "Our mission is to reimagine the museum experience for the next generation of museum visitors." 

I’m going to split hairs on this one. Museum Hack grew out of a fun hobby I was doing called Hack the Met. I’ve talked a lot about how the hobby tours got started: I went on a museum date, fell in love with the museum, and then started inviting friends on “un-highlights” tours, they invited more friends, etc. You can get the full story in our TED talk: How I Learned to Stop Hating and Love Museums.

A popular blog featured the tours and all of a sudden I had a wait list of 1000 people that wanted to come to the museum with me. It was great! I hired a guide to help lead the tours, and started charging for tickets so I could pay the guide. I made a really simple website to sell tickets.

Hack the Met was a Sole Proprietorship because it is a simple way to get “Doing Business As”, and Museum Hack was officially born a couple months later when I registered an LLC. Doing the Sole Proprietorship first was a great way to test the market as a real business before investing in the slightly more complicated LLC structure.

Museum Hack’s mission is to reimagine the museum experience for the next generation of museum visitors. Today, there are 50+ people working with Museum Hack, including full time, part time and independent contractors. We are making good progress on our mission: we do public tours at the best museums in NYC, San Francisco, Chicago and Washington, D.C. We also do bachelorette parties, proposal tours, Little Hackers tours for families with young children, and company team building tours for clients like Google, Facebook, Etsy, KPMG and LEGO. Museum Hack also has an Audience Development team that teaches our best practices to folks at museums all over the U.S and internationally too. We want the world to know that museums are f***ing awesome!

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